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Mark Hendrickson


My second TD was an untouched Ford based CMC kit that, except for the frame, was in a guy’s attic!

I started the build buying parts to build it as a 5.0L Cobra killer. I had a running donor Pinto, but decided what the heck…so I bought the stuff I wanted to use: Tubular M-II coil over front end and an 8″ Ford rear both with 11″ disc brake conversions, a 3.8L Buick V6 and a TH200R4, also both “tweaked” a little. The rear suspension was going to be 4 link with coil overs and I had a 16 gallon ATL fuel cell too. Of course it was getting a 4 point roll bar too. This was going to be a Go-Kart like screamer that got 30 mpg.

Sadly, I sold it as a “roller chassis” with the 2.3L four banger, the little 3 speed automatic and the 7″ rear, all from that ’75 Pinto donor. All but the Buick motor is getting reused in my 40 Ford Streetrod refurb.