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Rich Bellefeuille



Yeah, isn’t the hood mount wierd? When I first started working on it, I figured there was some logical reason for it. Not so. It is just a dumb feature to an otherwise very well put together car.

Also, regarding the delivery, all I can say is be patient (easy to say when your car is sitting in the driveway) . You’ll have lots of time for fun and travel. I think the fact that your Dad built the car is a special treat for you. It would certainly make a big difference to me. There’s a legacy there that I’m sure you will treasure in the years to come. There are memories that I bet will go through your mind every time you drive the car. Look forward to it and enjoy the time with the car when it arrives, even if everything is not perfect. (It probably won’t be, it’s the nature of mechanical and electrical systems).

All the Best