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William J Collins


I was at a VW show several yrs back and was quite impressed with a nice restored 1965 VW and I was following the car back to New Jersey and going down Rt 23 I noticed that his rear end was on fire .. I beeped at him and pulled up to him and motioned that he was on fire .. By the time he pulled over. He was luckey he and the girl with him got out .. The car was a lost all together .. even his trophy that he won that day burned .. I stayed with them till the fire Dept left and we saw that the fitting was missing from the carb. And that the gas had sprayed and started a fire .. I mentioned this to my VW Mechanic friend in WoodRidge NJ and he said to put a small hose clamp on the hose and attach a wire from the clamp to the closest screw on the carb…nice and taught so that the fittng can’t come loose.. Being it is only pressure fitted in..Sort of insurance .. I have this now on Angelicas Carbs and my Ghia Bill Collins39668.9162268518