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Sorry Tom,

   I assumed it was a rhetorical question and you were yanking my

To answer your question; I?m not
sure what I was thinking. You are absolutely correct in the fact that I?ve put
in lots of time making this site and giving fellow TD owners a place all our
own. I?m in no way interested it parting with Roxie now. I was a little
hesitant before thought I?d test the water.

The idea of building my on Teardrop is also playing in my head. I
picture a classic style behind Roxie going down the road. My problem for not
starting such a task is Time. I?ve gone back to school full time and after a
15yr break and my time in the military, I?m finding college to be a little intimidating.
I have to work on my time management skills.

Roxie needs some work also and I have a 81 VW Vanagon Camper (aka The
Hippy Van)that I?m also fixing up. Too many projects too little time, but have
no fear; Roxie and I are here for the long run.

 If you have heard by now, Wade (the father of
MGTD Kit Car Club on Yahoo) has made me the Owner of the Yahoo Group. That will
be another task of mine, keep up with the spam and membership.

I look forward to following your build. Let me know when you get it started and how it goes.