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    Its not at all a cost saving unless you hire someone to do the pages.   It’s really about time. I just don’t have the time or desire like I did 10 years go when I started this.Paul, we could make topics with links to any of the pages you feel should be kept. Heck, you can just make a link to the “old” site and post it on the forums. I would not de…[Read more]

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  • KentT wrote:
    This is a test with IE 11.0.2 and Email Notify unchecked…
    EDIT:It did not generate an error message… 🙂
    Good to know I’ve narrowed down the root cause…  Finding the fix may not be so easy. I will keep everyone posted…
  • Ok… below the reply box are two check boxes. 

      Enable BBcode 
     Email Notify me of Replies
     Please make sure the Email Notify me of Replies is unchecked until I figure out the issue with the Database.
    EDIT to add:
      You may need to change it in your profile in the Member Control Panel. If you have it set to YES in your profile, every time you post,…

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  • I did not get the error with my Reply.   Second test with Email Notify me with Replies check…

  • I’m on Chrome Version 32.0.1700.107 m

  • mrlmd wrote:
      Now I have to see how I can reduce my car pics down from 1.4MB jpegs into another smaller format.
    You can right click on them and select edit. This should open it in MS Paint. If you are using Win7 there is a button on top that says “Resize” If not Win7, I think it’s under the Veiw or Edit tab of paint. You can select % i.e i…

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  • Thanks everyone. My work has me travel quite a bit. Last year I went to Japan, Guam, Belgium, France, Luxemburg, The Netherlands, Germany, Hawaii, Las Vegas, California, Colorado, Korea and probably a place or two that I’m forgetting. It will be nice to take the family with me and being their first time out of the U.S. and fist time to the Ocean,…

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  • mrlmd wrote:
    Do we each have a separate photo gallery? How do I find mine to upload photos there, or do all the photos you post on the messages in the forum automatically go there?

    Any picture you upload, goes to your gallery. Paul posted a link to your gallery earlier in this thread but here it is again:…[Read more]

  • mrlmd wrote:
    Thanks for finding the problem – it may have been the extra characters in the title or name of the picture? That really shouldn’t matter, it’s just a link to the file on my computer isn’t it?
    Once you upload the pic it’s stored on our web server so it’s not linked to your computer. As with anything computer related, sometimes…

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  • I think Paul is on the right track.

      I changed the file name to test.jpg and it showed up fine when I edited your post to reflect the new name. Try uploading a simple file with a simple name and attach it in a post. I suspect that it has something to do with special characters in file name.

    I also edited the file name of the other pic you up…

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  • mrlmd wrote:
    It’s not the picture, it’s not my computer, or the browser – I can upload the pic I wanted to post on here and email it to myself. It has to be something with this site. I’ve even tried to upload a different pic on here and get the same error message.Google is no help with this.

    I don’t think it’s your computer either. It may be…[Read more]

  • I just uploaded this pic. I see other’s are also able to upload pics. Is it just the two members having problems? I see mrlmd is using Firefox on a Mac, smitty,what browser and OS are you using? Are you gettting the exact same error code?

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    edsnova wrote:
    The fun-per-$ ratio is off the charts.
    I love this and think you should use it as you sig line!!
  • WOW we had 36 users visit yestday!!!!!! Gives me hope that all my hard work is going to help more people than I first thought Big smile

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    It’s was in the 80’s and sunny here the past two days and Roxie would have been a blast to drive to work Unhappy with that kinda weather.

    Only a hight of 60 today, just in time for the weekend.  I guess I need to get out there and get the Thing tuned up so I can drive it before the summer heat gets here making it too hot to drive anything without A…

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  • Just to follow up, is anyone have any problems with getting the photo’s they’ve uploaded? I assume since I didn’t get any bashing or PM’s with hate mail most everyone is happy with the work I’ve accomplish thus far.

      I still planning on working out some form of gallery that everyone can browse eachothers photos just been busy trying to get some…

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    If you had upload pictures before the forum update, they should be in your uploaded image folder. Just click on the  icon and you should see a list of them. If you highligh it, it should show up in the preview box.
      Please let me know if you have any issues view them.
     AGAIN, there is no gallery to view eachother pictures un…

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  • If you are using the quick reply at the bottom the the thread, it’s not there. You have to click on the reply option in another post and you will get the full menu above the box you type in.

      The post image button now looks like this .  Click it and it will open a new window for posting a pic either from the web ( you need to know the url), f…

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  • I’ve got a two page list of users who logged in since april of 11 and I’ve downloaded all the users folders from the old forum.

     I’m going to start renaming them to the new numbering scheme and will get some uploaded.
    I let everyone know when they get uploaded.
      Once all the files are moved and renamed, I will look into a script of software to get a…

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