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Michael Pullen


Hey you guys,

My wife works with a woman who is married to a guy who has the molds for a fiberglass teardrop trailor, given to him by a guy who used to manufacture them. I have been asked to give him a hand making one since this guy has never worked with fiberglass before (he’s a professional auto upholsterer).  A trade for Merlin’s upholstery is in the works, pending time on my part and health issues on his part. If we do it, I’ll take some pictures and post them. 

Merlin update; I’ve been up to my neck in a shop reorganization for the last month which has sucked up all of my spare time. I finally have my shop where I’ve wanted it for the 12 years since I put up the structure.  I am now getting one full week and adjacent weekends off each month (NINE DAYS!) so I hope to have time to work on Merlin again at last.  I’m going to be taking leaves out of the front beam and hopefully (finally) having a gas tank fabricated this week.  Keeping our jobs on track will pretty much keep me working the other 21 days of the month, but at least I’ll have time in blocks big enough to use constructively.