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I would recommend that you find a later model chassis with IRS

(Independent Rear Suspension) like I have. From what I have

read in the past the Swing Axle models apparently have some

undesirable handling characteristics, albeit I have no personal

experience with them. You can find a fairly thorough

discussion of IRS and Swing Axle in ?How to Hot Rod

Volkswagon Engines? by Bill Fisher.

Off hand, some other basic things I can recommend that you do

in your project.

Thoroughly rebuild your chassis (sandblast/paint/new ball

joints/new brake and fuel lines, new brake master cylinder,

rebuilt steering box, new wheel bearings, rebuild CV joints,

transmission, etc). Check the tunnel sections very carefully for

rust. New sections are available that you can have welded in if

you find any problems. Better to handle problems now than

after you have put the body back on. Make sure everything is

perfectly straight and level, and a chassis in the the end that is

as good as new.

After painting, coat the entire chassis with 3M?s Rustfree. This

is clear rustproofing that will allow you to see any rust that

might pop up in the future rather than hide it like a typical tar

based rustproofing does. Don?t glue anything like your carpets

to the chassis. This is a roadster, you will get poured on some

day, and if you can?t lift the carpets to dry it out you?ll get rust.

Check the suspension carefully and install one of the

aftermarket products that will allow height adjustment on the

rear suspension when it sags.   This can?t be done later without

removing the body. Install caster shims on the front for better


Upgrade to both front and rear disc brakes. You won?t regret it.

Eliminate the stock mechanical fuel pump and install a rotary

electric pump in the front under the tank.

Upgrade from a generator to an alternator for better electrical


Make sure that your steering column and the extension are

perfectly inline with the steering box. This is critical. If there is

a bend, even the slightest, it will put strain on the safety section,

which will break while driving.

BTW, what company made your MGTD kit?

Hope that helps, Brian