VW Type IV Conversion Installation

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Mark Hendrickson


I worked at Bath Iron Works In Maine from 1978-1980 for “Supship” Bath for the USN. I was in a “RIF” at Fort Monmouth and took a job via the DOD Priority Placement Program. I had two ships assigned, one FG overhaul and one new Perry Class FFG build.

The FG-1097 USS Capodano was mothballed in the late 80’s and the FFG-7 Oliver Hazzard Perry was scrapped in 2000. Now I feel really old!

The Type IV motor is a bolt in as far as the transaxle/starter. The rear frame work (body support) and the engine cover are the PITA. I’m sure that the frame, usually cheap angle iron is an easy mod to remake, but the engine cover may need some fiberglass work which isn’t all all impossible.