VW Type IV Conversion Installation

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Pat Dwyer


I am dreaming.  I have more than enough work ahead of me with the car the way it is.  The car I purchased had not been maintained in years.  Some of the kit parts were not installed and I guess lost over the years.  Some of the work that had been done was a hack job that will need to be corrected.  The front tube had been cut and turned so I need to replace that.  While that is off I plan to put discs on the front as well as a complete front end rebuild. New bearings, bushings, etc.  I know the engine will need a rebuild sooner than later.  It runs good enough for me to get the rest of the car correct.

I live in northern Wisconsin and my garage is not heated so my garage work is about done for the year.  It’s already been in the 30’s.  Nothing like cold concrete and freezing metal.

So what’s left for me is to dream about work I would like to do.  I was kind of hoping someone had done a Type IV install.  It fits in a beetle so…  Seems like it would be the way to go…