VW Type IV Conversion Installation

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Pat Dwyer


Well you never now what might show up somewhere…  412/411.  I did see some hoods for sale in Portage, Wisconsin.  So somewhere there might be a hoodless 412.  I would like to know if anyone had ever done the install.  Seems like it should fit with just modifying the engine cover which I had planned to do sometime anyway.  The Daytona MiGi engine cover is kind of weak.  I can’t mount a spare without mods to it.

Moorestown… yeah I went to school at the site you’re talking about. Lockheed Martin was the big contractor there.  I was an AEGIS radar operator while in the Navy.  I felt pretty old when I found out the state of the art ship I pre-commisioned had been mothballed.  Seems like just yesterday.