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   Sorry you?re having a problem with the forums. The advantage to this format of Forums, is the topics are by category. You should be able to avoid reading through stuff that my not be of no interest to you and it makes finding discussion on a specific topic easier.

  The default for the forum is to limit the display of topics to show only postings from the last month. If you go to any topic ( i.e. My Project) and don?t see the posting your looking for, look just above the box listing the discussions, you will see a ?show topics? then a dropdown menu. Select ?all? or ?from last year? and you will see the older topics. Generally forums such as these are very busy and by limiting the display amount the pages load faster and relevant topics that are currently being discussed stay up top making it easier to follow and stay on topic.

  Not that a good discussion that stops being talked about isn?t useful. All topics or threads are kept in a searchable database and kept on the server. I have the option to archive and rid the database of useless information in order to streamline and keep it working well. Fortunately or unfortunately our forums haven?t been used nearly as much as I had hoped. Seems most members like the Emails and are happy with the Yahoo group so I haven?t had any issues with the database.

    Basically, the Forums are better organized for ongoing conversations that follow one topic. You can easily scroll through the entire conversation and all replies easily with out reading through message about a completely about another topic.

 Hope this helps you.