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    greg press


    Today i was in a parade and car show there were thousands of people along parade route my wife of 40 years sat next to me thowing candy for the kids.People along route asked what kind of car it was i would reply its a london roadster.Where was it made, that is a beautiful,where are you from,where did you get that ,lots of clapping and two thumbs up and believe it or not this is the third time i’ve been asked is that a Rolls Royce.Then the rain storm began a down pour, thunder and lighting,high winds.Put top up side curtains at home . Found a place to wait it out. facing the wind. Totally drenched.After setting there i said to Cindy this is romantic and it reaily was.The side curtains are a waist[very difficult to put up ].I am going to buy a small tarp to through over us and the car if this should happen again.Who knows maybee i will only go out on rainy days.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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