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    David & Sylvia Coffey located in Conroe Texas. Here is a photo of my ford powered 2.8 V^ automatic MGTD. the car was a airport display unit and spent the last 20 years in storage.

    Total rebuild with improved engine – speed shift trans rebuild and new interior and dash work.

    James Cochran


    David, looks like the photo didn’t load. My car was also an airport display unit. It sat for seven years at Memphis International after a¬† stay at the Tampa International¬†Airport. The long time sitting didn’t do the car any good and it required a lot mechanical work.

    I believe the hood was up for quite sometime on mine while in the airports because of a slight twist from the hood prop to the front.

    Try the photo again, would love to see your baby

    Don’t forget to get on the registry.


    Mark Hendrickson


    The Classic Motor Carriages display car at Newark Airport (NJ) was a Gazelle…it was stolen!!! They guys from the SpeedTV show “Jacked” were not around back then.

    Just kidding

    Pink MG40074.4287731481

    James Cochran


    WOW, I thought they would have hijacked a plane instead of a display car

    David, is your car a CMC?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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