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     Hi all
     Just picked up a 88 Chev powered B.R,G. Classic roadster yesterday. The original owner bought it from the factory pre assembled minus the engine and tranny,which he installed . The car runs, but under the dash looks like a grenade went off in a spaghetti factory. Sure glad I found you guys.Will probably need some input in the future.
              Al from Whidbey.
    P.S.I will probably run into Chuck as there’s not that many T D ‘s on the Island

    Charles Niedzialkowski


    Al “Octagon”, I am a “newbie” also but it is a big island so we may not run in

    to each other by accident. I made it Ok for you to message me in the “buddy

    system” so lets look at comparing notes. I have some big time electrical

    problems to chase down too!   Send me a private message and we can get

    together. I am heading to Spokane this weekend for work but should be

    around otherwise. There is another Northwest Washington person

    somewhere I saw in the “gallery” or are you him? Chuck      

    Steve Crites


    Hey Gang:

    Had to laugh the other day when I read the comment “looks like a
    grenade went off in a spaghetti factory.”  Did you mean something like

    The only wires that make sense are the original steering column
    connector colors.  After that it goes down hill quickly.  Luckily,
    everything was working before I took it apart to make the new dash, so
    I am able to photo, mark, re-mark and label every thing.  I’ve checked
    wiring diagrams from original MGs, VWs, Chevettes, Pintos, with no

    Maybe the wiring is based on a ’52 Hudson Hornet?  


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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