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    Richard Wobby


    If you guys could figure out a way to wieght each wheel on a scale and give me some diagonals. I can do some modeling and figure out some wieght tranfers that might help. If your wondering what I speak of you have to ask roy.



    Any good race car builder will have scales for under each wheel. S&W Race Cars did mine when I converted to coil overs. You, in the Carolina’s, should be near quite a few.

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    How did the new air bags work for the ride and handling of your car ?


    Richard Wobby


    If you equalize tire pressure in all tires and wieght the car. Then increase first the front passenger side by 10 lbs wieght. Reset increase back same side wiegh. Then the two diagonals first by 5 then by 10 you can develop an understanding of weight transfer. You that have tanks at mid car would do this with a half ful tank than try again full ideally would want to develop a 60/40 weight ratio this would be next to imposible so you have to try to elevate the rear to get more downforve upfront. You can try sway bars and swing aways but they wont have a huge impact unless you spend a mess of money andaddress some other mechanical issues . Even a support from your rear spring or shock tower will do more fore you auto crossing than horsepower. Just my 2 cents as I sit here pondering. Rember as you accelerate you want the car to level out and transfet wieght predictively. That is called racing on a budget.



    Long ago, they made coil-overs that were used mainly on rear shocks that were designed to function much like a sway bar.  The bottom clamped to the shock tube with the car sitting on the ground, level, with weight on the wheels.


    So, when the body tried to roll in a turn, the outside shock spring would function like a normal coil-over overload spring, but the inside shock spring would have to lift the weight of the axle and wheel.  So, this inhibited body roll both ways. 


    Since they functioned much like a normal overload spring during acceleration, they helped keep the rear up, and the weight forward.  You could preload (positive or negative) them simply by putting additional weight on the rear (or taking weight off, by slightly jacking the car up) and clamping them on in that position.


    I don’t even remember what they were called… Sway-Adjust or something similar… they were very popular on the old swing-axle bugs since they worked much better than the Camber Compensators.  I haven’t seen any in a long time.


    ATVs and UTVs premium gas shocks have adjustable preload, but the springs aren’t clamped at the bottom.

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    Richard Wobby


    I believe they were called sway aways or swing aways. I saw a show about them on tv once.

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