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    Dan Rosa


    HELP Is there anyone that knows where I can get  a tach. that came with f/f car it is a classic instruments reproduction that is what the gauge has on it on the face. I just do not want to buy a whole setCry that would hurt the  $  Dan

    edward ericson


    http://www.egauges.comPMOSSBERG2012-10-03 09:32:05



    When I built my Fiberfab kit I installed a set of VDO Classic gauges.
    They seem to have been replaced by their Heritage series.

    Bill Ascheman
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    The Tach on my FiberFab is made by Vintage. All the gauges read “Vintage Reproduction”. Call MG Magic. I believe they have the tach made by Vintage. It runs for 129 dollars.They run a parts list at

    newkitman2012-10-03 20:08:24

    Allen Caron
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    Dan Rosa


     thank you all     Dan

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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