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    Bill Stuck


    Today I tried to attach the brackets to the bumpers.   Refering to figures 70 and 71 on  pages 72 and 73 of my FiberFab instructions, it calls for SPACERS between the bumper and the bracket.  The writen instructions do not mention the spacers.  There are none to be found.

    If I were to attach the brackets WITHOUT some kind of spacer ( And tighten the bolts) the bracket would reshape the bumper with an impression of the corner of the bracket . 

    HOW BIG ( diameter and thickness)  IS THE SPACER?  Is it just a washer or it is made of a more plyable material? 

    Any help would be welcome.



    Scott A Chynoweth



     Just took a look at my spacers.They are about 1 1/4 in square flat on one side,and a curve on the other to fit the curve of the bumper,made from some cheap grade cast aluminum.I would think you could use nuts of the same size as the bolt just drill out the threads.Just somthing to keep from distorting the bumper when tightend down.

    Steve Crites



    Mine are metal spacers that are about 1.25″ by 1.25″.  flat against the bracket but convex against the bumper. 

     The pieces have a pretty good crown on them, so if I had to make ’em I’d get some bar aluminum .25″ thick (too allow plenty of thickness for filing the front, (back?).  Do the whole bar at one time then cut off individual spacers and drill the holes. 

    Takes some time but that way you’d know the coutour would match the bumper and prevent any damage when you tighten it down.

    My 2 cents for the morning,




    Bill Stuck


    Thanks 1oldbuzz and Ringo,  

    I remembered seeing something like that in one of the boxes — so I went digging.  I found them.   I was thinking that the spacer would be round and more plyable. 

    Thanks also for the quick reply.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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