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    Bill Stuck


    When I assembled my MGTD ( Chevette ), I did not put any type of vents or fans in it for the cabin.  Now, with the top up and the side curtains in place on a rainy warm day (like today) it gets stuffy inside.  When moving it is okay, but in traffic –NOT SO GOOD.

    My question is — where do any of your systems get freash air from? Any and all options are appreciated and pictures would be helpful.

    Dan Rosa


     SUFFER & $%#*&^ but there is a Better way to get air in not a lot but just enough I used a 12 volt computer fan $19.95 at Radio Shack and put on the right side under the battery box next to the heater my heater to the right i had used a heater core from a K car /small in size / also a fan from Radio Shack just enough air to get it warm or to bring air in to the cabin,, Bill i did not think of it when i built it but i will put a 2 position switch in i have 2 separate switches .     Dan

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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