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    So I went to D.C. for a few days to attend my Brother in Law’s wedding. Eager to go for a ride when I got back, I started Stella up but noticed she was idling rather poorly. I turned off the car, opened the hood and noticed a puddle of gas on the intake manifold and on the garage floor.

    Apparently, there was a problem with the float or needle on the carb because gas was pouring out of the tube on the top of the carb when she was running. No big deal, I was meaning to swap out the jets and just needed an excuse to take the carb apart and do it.

    I have never worked on a carburetor an was relieved to find out how easy my 3500 holley was to work on, not too much to it. My Dad gave me a renew kit for it, so I replaced all the gaskets and changeable parts and cleaned the crap out of it.

    Then I figured as long as I have the carb off I might as well swap out the intake manifold with something a little better. I found this one on the MustangII site. $65.00 delivered!

    I hope to get it early next week. The cool thing is that the water chamber is welded shut, so I don’t have to worry about that hot water near the cool air, and Also I expect this one will have much better flow. I just hope I can remember where all the random hoses I ripped off go to!!

    I also had a custom Magnaflow Exhaust system installed with dual 45 tips. What a difference in sound! Holy crap! When I first started it up I had a smile from ear to deaf ear. While it is a bit louder the sound quality is much more rich and deep, and less like a motorcycle. Also I think it gave me a few extra horses to boot. Here are some pics:

    It hasn’t been washed in a few weeks and we have been getting a bunch of dust storms here in AZ so forgive the layer of soot on the car.Don’t worry, she’ll be as shiny as ever after I get her back together. Also I removed the badges from the grill and badge-bar and affixed the td logo to the radiator cap.

    pics= =slideshowgeoff10440024.1012037037

    Rich Bellefeuille


    Hey Geoff,

    Wow! Sounds like you’ve been busy! I have done very little on mine since I put it on the road in early June. Tough to work on it when it’s going 70 miles an hour 3000 miles so far this summer.




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