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    ALAN p


    help    I have replaced the generator /dynamo not a alternator but still getting no output what am I doing wrong ?should i polarize it tried that but still nothing

    The car had a charging problem when purchased and i assumed it was dynamo sent the replacement back assuming it was faulty but the 2nd replacement doing the same its not the voltage regulator as it should show voltage with out the regulator being connected correct ?

    any Ideas please



    Alan, I’m sorry that I will be of no help to you. I run a Ford TD. I simply want to express concern that there has been no response to your post from the VW contingent. This is highly unusual.

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    edward ericson


    Make sure your Gen light is good. If that bulb fails the whole circuit won’t work. Yes, it’s usually that simple.

    To test the new generator, remove the fan belt and give it power from the battery using alligator clips: D+ to + and then – to case and DF (field). A good generator will spin like an electric motor (because it is). If that works, disconnect the battery, put the fan belt back on, tighten it right per the Bentley manual, wire the generator back up correctly and start the engine. You should get volts/amps out of it.

    Vid explanation:


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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