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    Bill Stuck


    I have a gelcoat WHITE kit and the welting that is with it is BLACK. The black may set off the lines clearly — But I’m not sure I would like it.  What do most of the WHITE MGTDs and KITs have?  Where can I buy good quality welting?  Does the White welting stay white or discolor quickly.  What other colors are there?

    Thanks, Bill    850 240 0941

    edward ericson


    Usually black. Mine got painted body color when the P.O. painted red (over the original green). looks good. Some TD owners paint theres too–use a flex agent with the paint, remove the welting from the car (or do it, in your case, before assembly).

    Lots of welt colors available. I got some chrome style stuff for my dash; JC Whitney I think has an assortment available cheap (under $1 a foot?). It’s also easy to make using vinyl and small plastic or rubber tubing.

    Here is a TF forum that mentions the look–note also the brass discussion. Lots of options for us on these–and the good thing is there are no “concourse police” to come knocking if we gussy something up “incorrectly.”

    Will Burge


    My White migi has red welting to match the interior, and My Red CMC has black although the interior is brown, but one of the hot rod specialty places had every color imaginable. If I can remember where I saw it I’ll let you know if I come up with it.

    I found it here it is

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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