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    I just purchased a Daytona Migi that has been sitting in a garage for 20 years. The car was just too cute for me to pass up! (I know, a totally girlie thing to say, but…)

    Obviously, I have several questions.

    In my brief study I see there are two models- 1952 and 1953. The firewall on this car reads Copyright 1975 Daytona Migi. How do I tell which year I have?

    Is there a copy of an owners manual, wiring schematic or any other basic info I can get my hands on?

    I knowthe car was built on a VW frame and it has a VW engine. (My mechanic is a Chevy guy.) Is there any way to post pictures so some of you might help us determine what year/model, etc. we are dealing with?

    The car is in decent condition; body intact and all parts appear to be attached (with at least one bolt…LOL). It will need a full mechanical overhaul/replacement due to 20 years in solitary. My main score was finding two new bumpers, new headlights, side mirrors, turn signals, MG emblem and new top inside the car. Whoo hoo! So much for sending the existing parts out for re-chroming!

    After mechanical issues a new seat is in order. The bottom frame is missing entirely; unfortunately the only major MIA part on the car. Where is the best source for seats?

    I appreciate any help or advice I can get and for you bearing with an excited newbie.




    Michael Pullen


    Daytona guy,

    Check the old posts for MG Magic and call them about manuals etc. They carry a lot of parts such as wiring harness. Maybe somebody else has their number handy and will post it for the 100th time.

    Your first order of business is to find a VW only parts supplier and mechanic (often the same place).  You will find that VW’s are their own special little niche in the old car world.  As far as the year of the motor, can be determinede by the serial# which is located on the case right below the carburater. Two things to remember: the year of the engine may not be the same as the chasis, and the engine may have been modified which might be an issue with smog depending on where you live. Chasis serial number is located on the “yoke” of the pan, center of the “tunnel” which runs between the seats and right behind them.  Generally covered by carpet on these kits. There’s an access cover right behind where the number is stamped.  DMV will probably want to see that.  If you get chummy with your VW guy, he can show you the artful ways in which those numbers can be changed if necessary…”for informational purposes only” as they say on those websites devoted to manufacturing drugs, bombs etc,

    I hope you enjoy your car.  If you enjoy mechanical things, VW’s are a lot of fun.  Because of the dune buggy and custom market you can get just about any part you can imagine. Don’t “re-invent the wheel” before you check out what’s available “off the shelf.”  Just about any problem you have has been had by a million guys ahead of you and already solved.  VW Beetles changed little over their long life, hence the  ecconomics of the after market are a little different than for other old cars with a smaller customer base. It’s all still available and generally for very little money.








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