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    Anyone know of a place to purchase the outside rear view mirror that’s

    mounted to the widow frame (drivers side) MG Magic deals in parts for the

    MG TD kits. Their mirror is a wing style side mount $ 32.85. I’d prefer the

    straight mirror mounted to the windshield frame. or

    phone 954-680-2010. if anyone is interested to get a parts list

    Larry Murphy


    ¬†Art, Victoria British has a simular mirror which was on sale for $9.95, their reg price is about $20. I don’t know how you are planning to mount the mirror but I had a motorcycle mirror on one of my cars. I mounted it in the lower windshield frame bolt hole by threading the shaft of the mirror so I could have a tapered nut on the outside of the frame and used the mirror in place of the lower bolt with a nut on the end which was inside the car. This may interfere with the side curtain depending on how the curtain is shaped but it worked well as far as the actual function of the mirror.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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