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    I remember seeing an article somewhere on how to move the e-brake back between the seats with stick in front towards the front of the car.  On my MiGi the ebrake is clear up under the dash in front of the stick and it is a pain.   Can anyone point me to a link?


    Larry Murphy


    Hi every one, I had the ebrake problem but my car has a one piece seat bottom so I coud not move the ebrake handle behind the shifter.I cut a v shaped section out of the handle,then bent it up  and welded it back together, also I bent and shortened the release rod to match .Now the is at a 30 degree angle to the tunnel when completely down. Not a perfect solution but much better then it was.Hope this helps somebody. I am new at computers and forums,Hope I am replying at the right place.                                        Larry Murphy

    Paul Mossberg


    Larry – you did good! Yes you replied to the right place.

    Samyer…Larry’s approach is the one that Classic Roadsters included in their assembly manual. Classic Roadsters Duchess has a bench seat, so this was really the only approach they could take. It’s relatively easy and does get the handle up where you can more easily reach it.

    Paul Mossberg
    Former Owner of a 1981 Classic Roadsters Ltd. Duchess (VW)
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    Pat Dwyer



    Any chance someone that has done the cut could shoot me a picture of the completed project?



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