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    bill lauro


    In a effort to take that normal VW sound and make
    it sound like a front mounted motor this is what I did.
    The reason that Corvairs and VW have that sound that
    is so unmistakable is the exit of the exhaust being so
    close to the motor with no travel to speak of for the sound
    to change. I have mounted this unit and am very happy
    that now my VW engine sounds like a regular front
    mounted engine. This connects a header exhaust that
    I changed.My ground clearance is around 4 inches. Luck. Bill     

    Steve Crites


    Hello Bill,

    That should really make a difference on the sound.  I don’t remember ever seeing that done before.  If possible, could you  make a sound recording and post on the forum?

    Good to see you’re thinking outside the box.  Fun, ain’t it?

    I’m heading back out on the road.  Clear skies and 74 degrees last two days.  I’ve put ~275 miles on the duchess so far this weekend. Hope to see ya’ll  getting on the road real soon.

    Good Luck



    bill lauro


    Ringo, I had thought about posting it on utube and I will let
    you no when I do it. Luck. Bill

    Mark Hendrickson


    Looks like it will keep the floor pretty warm too!


    bill lauro


    Drove it for a few hours and no warmer then any floor
    with the engine in the front and the pipes running all
    the way back.They are mounted about 2 1/2 inches
    from the floor.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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