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    John D


    Hello All……Newbie here…..just purchased a (1988) professional build “53” TD on a ’72 VW…..(still waiting on transport 😀 )…..it has stock exhaust and I plan to replace that with something that sounds considerably better and more “throaty”…..I have been looking at the EMPI Euro Twin Tuckaway with dual small glass packs, or maybe the old standard EMPI single glass pack…..I have also been looking pretty hard at the Tri-Mil Ceramic coated single glass pack system from So-Cal Auto Parts…..so I thought I would test the waters here and see what thoughts and opinions any of you may have, what you may be running, and how you like it.

    Thanks in advance !


    Dennis P


    Hello,  I use a   Dennis Pstock exhaust but deleted the pipes with baffles and am running straight pipes..I t sounds as loud as a big Harley and supposedly adds a couple of hpower[?]  Nice and loud; drivers know I am on the road, even when they cannot see me!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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