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    Rich Bellefeuille


    Hi All,

    I had a real problem with my tail light lenses. Mine is a FiberFab kit with made in Taiwan lenses provided by FiberFab. They had faded to a light orange and were almost comletely clear in some areas. Got a tip on the internet that really worked well. The local Hobby shops sell a product called Testors #1605 Transparent Candy Apple Red spray paint. I picked some up and it worked PERFECT. Just sprayed the inside of the lenses. Red is back and transparency is great! Buffed up the outside and the lenses look new.

    Don’t know if anybody else has run into this problem, but this is a quick and inexpensive fix.



    Steve Crites


    Hi gang;

    Testors also makes a clear turn signal amber that works great on the front running (turn signal) lights if you can’t find a yellow bulb.


    James Cochran


    My car was missing both lens on the front turn signals. When a truck passed me on the highway I noticed some amber lens on some running lights that appeared to be the right size. I stopped at a truck stop and bought a couple of the amber lens for less than a dollar each. The lens fit perfectly by slipping over the end of the chrome housing. I added a bead of clear silicone just inside the lip of the lens and slid it on. The silicone holds it weather tight and they look great…and for cheap.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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