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    greg press


    I was just reading about fuel filters for volkswagons.It said that  plastic fuel filters just before the fuel pump are not a good ideal because they could come loose and spill gas onto engine.When i put my filter in i used clamps on both ends of hose.They recomend you put fuel filter right after the  gas tank which is much harder to do.They also talked about a screen inside the fuel pump that needs to be cleaned and gaskit replaced. What is your guys take on this.

    WELL,I should of searched before i asked.I found a lenghty discussion on fuel filters Sept. 2011.It seems to answer alot of my questions. It appears my set up is normal.

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    edward ericson


    Fire is always a worry with VWs, and especially with plastic ones. Check your stuff often, particularly where the fuel line comes through the tin (there’s supposed to be a grommet there, but there’s probably not, so use a bit of neoprene fule line).

    I moved my fuel filter out of the engine bay last year, but might put it back next year. I never see it where it is so if it comes loose there’ll be a lot of spillage, at least.

    Good to have an extinguisher in the car too.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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