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    Will Burge


    any body know much about the gazelle kit by CMC. I have a chance to get a goo a kit that has been  started but kit is complete most parts still in boxes. It is sitting on a pre 68 beetle pan not sure what year but it is non IRS. It has a dual port engine that looks to be newer. not sure of condition. the shifter has been moved and the body is mounted and the gas tank, battery and wire loom is in place but not complete. Any thoughts or opinions on the older pan suspecion or any thing else I might want to think about let me know. Anybody know if mg magic has parts for these or anyone else.



    Richard Wobby


    there used to be a club a friend of mine mentioned

    Gazelle Club Brian Amato P.O. Box 6231 Traverse City, MI 49685

    there was also a few articles and resourses in Kit Car Mag I think you can check it online


    Richard Wobby40418.9093518518

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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