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    Hubert Atkinson


    My gelcoat is in very bad condition, crazed and dull.  Wondering if anyone has an idea how to bring it back.  I’ve tried various commercial polishers with a buffer, but it appears to be too far gone for that.



    Nothing will remove crazing. You have to paint over it…

    As far as dull oxizidation, I’ve had good luck with Meguir’s Ultimate Polishing Compound. It took multiple application, but it is cleaning up fairly nicely.

    Early FF TDr on 69 VW pan
    Slowly coming back from the ashes...



    Baytown, Considering where you live, I’d recommend taking it to one of the reputable boat yards in your area.  They can either bring back the shine or tell you how best to do it. 

    greg press


    This is what I did and it worked pretty good .Go to an auto parts store (auto zone , nappa , maybe Walmart ) .Buy a clay bar. Follow instruction . After car is clayed then use your favorite wax .



    When I was painting mine after fixing accident damage I was sanding other intact badly oxidized panels and discovered good color underneath. Try a spot with 800 or 1000 grit paper. Sand it then polish it. If it doesn’t respond, then paint it.

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    Hubert Atkinson


    I took a door off and stripped the hardware to use as a test panel.  Sigh, looks like a repaint.  Big problem is rust stains from the snaps that don’t want to sand out.  However, the boat yard idea is worth checking out.  Easy enough to take the door, and see what they say.
    Thanks all

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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