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    How many of you regulary wear some type of hat or leather driving/flying helmet, and or special goggles or glasses, (not counting regular eye glasses, unless they are vintage looking) when driving your MG TD replica? In town or on the highway?  Any silk scarfs?

    edward ericson


    Sadly, my Halcyons are not (yet) ground to my prescription. Otherwise I’d have them on now, as I type this from my desk at work.

    The WWII-style flying helmet is roasty-toasty on those chill autumn evenings. Highly recommend.

    Right now looking for good gauntlets for the Full Winter Effect.

    Don’t think the silk scarf will rate though.

    Here’s me at the recent Pumpkin Run:


    Dan Rosa


     Cold weather riding gear can be gotten at any motorcycle shop ,after riding for almost 40 years a good heavy shirt ,leather vest leather ,gloves and a leather Dew rag will keep you warm Gee ALL of mine say Harley Davidson , I have not used chaps driving the TD Dan

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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