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    I have a custom motor carriages kit… I bought it from a car dealer in pa. It

    has a NY title in the builders name, and a bill of sale in my name. I would

    drive it by switching old plates around just to go to shows… Hence my major


    A fellow spotted the car and wishes to buy it! All good since I barely fit in it

    anymore! However, I went to get the title switched to my name and

    state….UGH!!!! I need a quick fix to this problem! Can I buy an old junker

    just for the PA title and weld the VIN plate to my frame???? Help I need


    Gene Jenkins


    Well, it would help if you would say what your problem is. What did the PA DMV have to say? I wouldn’t tell them about switching plates, thay take a dim view of that. I’d tell them that it’s a project that’s been in your garage and you want to be able to drive it.



    I took the bill of sale showing my purchase of the car, along with the NY

    state title to AAA today. They said a B.O.S. didn’t prove I had ownership of

    the car. They advised the dealer gets a “dealers title” and then signs it over

    to me. The dealer says the state wont do it because the VIN is only 6 digits

    long. The dealer acts as if there’s nothing he can do about the title, and AAA

    says it’s up to him to switch it from NY to PA… Meanwhile I have about a

    week to get this done so I can give ownership to the person interested in

    buying this kit.

    Larry Murphy


     It can get complicated when registering a car that is titled in a different state as they all seem to have different requirements,usually envolving an inspection by a state inspector and each inspector has a different interpretation of the same rules. It is often  time consuming and frustrating  with no quick fix.

     Since you bought it with just a bill of sale,why don’t you try to sell it with a bill of sale and let the new owner work out the title for himself. You would not accomplish any thing by buying a junker for the title and vin since when the car is inspected, the inspector is going to tell you that it is not a Chevette .Some kit cars do use the title and vin from the donor car but it is my guess that they will run in to trouble if the car is sold to a new owner in a different state.

     Be careful and don’t get into more legal trouble than the car is worth.

    Rob Baker


    Since you seem to own the car with the past title and bill of sale.  I would take the old title to the local registry.  If they don’t like the vin I think your only option is to get a new vin thru the registy state new vin process.  Once you get the new Vin then you can get a new Title and registration.  Each state is more frustrating then the next.

    Dan Rosa


      I have sold cars in both N.Y and Tn. I am sure Pa. has the same basic rules the – A dealer can not sell a car on an– open title and must pay and collect the sales tax  as the 6 digit vin. that would be titled as a custom built , if the state has titled the car that way it must stay that way,,, state to state remember A states only business is to collect TAX on it . Good Luck……………… Dan Dan R40306.569537037



    I had a similar situation, and I live in PA also. My title was from Florida, in the builders name, and I had a bill of sale. I had no problem at all. I am in chester county in PA, where are you? I can send you to the Title guy I used.



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