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    Dale Schumacher


    The consensus of my engine builder is that I might be able to fix the leaks around the heads by removing, resurfacing,and re-installing after removing carbon around the jugs.
    Anyone ever able to remove the heads while the engine was still in the car? Hoping I can do that – let me know.



    Schu, on mine it might be theoretically possible.  But, I think it would be so much harder than pulling the engine, I wouldn’t try.  Just my 2¢.


      Removing heads while engine is installed is almost impossible. Heads have to clear studs and the engine compartment is not large enough to have heads clear studs.  While it sounds like a large job pulling the engine is relative easy and not that hard to do. You also can get a better look at the base of the cylinders. Also much easier to do any necessary work// To pull engine takes 4 mount bolts and removing attached cables. On my Fiberfab I can remove rear bumper and drop the lower velance and have engine out in less than 1hour. I am not as young as i used to be. I am now 70+ years old. I would remove engine to do the work. laying on back not fun getting dirt in eyes.

    Ed Service


    Like George said,    Get that engine out, you’ll be glad you did! I can hardly imagine getting it back together with no leaks otherwise!

    Dale Schumacher


    Thanks for the response – I have taken the engine out many but was just trying to avoid.
    I was hoping I could remove the tin and reach everything

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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