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    Rob Baker


    So does anyone have the numbers as to how many MGTD kits were delivered from the Manufacturers.  Seems like it would be an interesting number to have on hand.

    Dan Rosa


    Bob ; That is a good question I had tryed to find out how many fiber fair were made ,and could not find any real numbers, just a few web sites that seemed to guess at numbers if you beleved what i have read F/F made some 25,000 TDs that seemed like a lot to me ! it also seemed that the most of the kits were never built or at least never finished one site said more than half were sold to retired guys wanting to do something more with there time .There is a new TD made in Malasia here in Knoxville !! a TD 2000 at 50 grand !!! I think it is over priced at best .I like mine just fine .. I think most of the cars are in junkyards or in barns ,  some ARE worth the time to pull them out of there graves .       &nbsp ;         &nbsp ;         &nbsp ;         &nbsp ;         &nbsp ;        DanR                                                                        

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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