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Ignition switch problem

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    Hubert Atkinson


    Replacing both wired switch and key switch, ran into a problem with the “tube” the 2 fit into:

    Note the small “pin” sticking into the inside of the tube.  It doesn’t allow the key switch to seat all the way down.  Should I just remove it? I can probable drive it out with a small pin punch.  Just not sure what it’s supposed to do….



    not sure which switch brand , but some I have come across requires the pin to be pushed in so the cylinder part (where the key goes) locks onto the switch mechanism.  sometimes you have to insert key and turn it so pin will go in
    Hope this helps
    edward ericson


    What’s it out of? VW? Ford? Chevy?



    Domestic switches…turn key counterclockwise to accessory position, push a paper clip through small access hole to depress pin and pull to remove cylinder.
    Try positioning the cylinder with the key installed.

    Bill Ascheman
    Fiberfab Ford
    Modified 5.0, 5sp., 4:11
    Autocross & Hillclimb
    "Drive Happy"

    Hubert Atkinson


    Problem solved, apparently.  I just tapped it out with a small punch.  With this new key switch, it apparently serves no purpose.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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