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    Mark Konrad


    Can any suggest on now to correct the hood side panel fix problem?

    My drivers side hood panel by the steering colum has a bow in it where the steering shaft exit out that panel.  The panel is not resting on the shaft etc. but panel wants to bow in at that point.  The only thing I think I can do is release the panel foward of that spot by     unbolting it and re-drilling new holes to allow the panel to extend further forward which should then flatten out and then rebolt it using the new holes?

    Additonally the top of the panel also seems to fex to much.  Is there a part/rod to correct that fex problem both on the right and left side to help stiffen them.

    Dan Rosa


      Mark i have a chevy powered TD  but I had to adjust the grill to get the hood where i needed it to be, foward 2 washers and than it all set where it should  good  luck ,,,,,,  Dan

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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