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    Michael Pullen


    Old timers will remember “Merlin”, my VW based Fiberfab/VW project that morphed into a hotrod/ “batmobile” project.  I more or less dropped off this site a few years ago when work on the project came to a halt. I’ve continued to lurk, and probably always will, but have had little to add.

    What happened? I got more and more involved in fiberglass, mold making, paint and plastics. I’ve always been something of an artist and inevitably started playing with plastics as a sculpture medium. My early work (rotational cast plastics) was pretty crude, but I stuck with it and my latest stuff is very good and quite saleable (the secret dream of every artist, even if we won’t admit it).

    The car has languished, taking up the only space I have to go into real production with my statuary.  It’s hard to let go of an old dream for a new one, but “Merlin” must move on.

    Before I part it out on e-bay I thought I’d just test the waters here.   The body has been extensively reworked and is probably (for the most part) not of much interest unless you happen to share my roadster vision, but there’s a lot more. New 1641 motor full of Berg parts, progressive Weber, full flow oil with spin off filter, oil sump: pretty much all the bells and whistles. Newly rebuilt transaxle w/scat dragfast shifter. 4 new American Eagle 8 spoke chrome wheels w/new tires, VW pan w/brake lever repositioned to fit between 2 new Corbeau bucket seats, gas tank behind seats, spare tire in front (fiberglass floor w/tire mounting area) New front disc/rear drum brakes, Moss original equipment copy MGTD hinges, latches on unmodified and undamaged doors, Original TD headlight brackets (chromed) w/new “Kingbee”headlights, reworked chrome steering linkage, etc etc etc. You get the point.  I guess you could search old “Merlin” posts to get some history.

    Anybody out there close enough to Central Ca. (Modesto) to take a look and maybe trailer the whole thing off? I’ve got a ton of VW parts as well, even a complete rebuildable longblock motor. I’m done with cars. I’m in no particular hurry, but would like to start parting it out in maybe 6 weeks, so if your interested please email me privately:  Will send pictures or whatever. Obviously, I’d rather sell it all to one person than go through the hassle of ebay, especially with large heavy items. I’m not sure what to ask for it. If anyone is serious enough to come and look, we’ll explore that.

    Thanks.  You guys were great when I was working on him.

    Michael Pullen



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