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    listing on Ebay with 5 days remaining current bid $2,000 sis-No-Reserve-/250896658919?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item 3a6a9b31e7

    1953 MGTD replica body on a 1968 VW chassis

    Four speed tranny, shifts smoothly in a four gears

    1600 VW engine, runs great

    Carbourator has been rebuilt

    New tires, front and rear brake shoes, rear brake cylinders, master brake cylinder, tie rod ends, ball joints, air filter, side mirrors, windshield washer switch, and wiper blades.

    All four wheels have been aligned and the car is PA inspected.


    The actual mileage is unknown,

    The spedometer works, no other guages work,

    There is no top (bow for top is included),

    There are no side curtains,

    The green paint is dull,

    There is a rim for a spare tire, but no tire.
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