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    Autorama 2009:

    We enter 6 cars from our club here in Texas. We placed 6 for 6 in awards. The 52 MGTD replica was entered in Handbilt class and was competing against 32 other beautiful Cobras.

    The MGTD place best in Handbuilt class. The cobra owners wernt happy

    Kevin Hux


    Sweet, I can just hear those cobra guys grumbling,

    Did you get any pics? Post them up if you did.

    Rob Baker


    Red MGTD, be careful some of us MGTD guys are switch hitters


    Larry Murphy


     Last year at the annual fund raiser car show at my grandson’s school, my white TD replica was parked beside a really nice Cobra replica. The owner was a super nice guy as well. When the trophys were presented , I got one and he did not. It was a peoples choice show and my grandson must have got all his friends to vote for his Papa’s car. It sure wasn’t that I had the best car.Someone said I should name my car Cobra Killer.I sold it when I got the red BCW from Mark, now it is parked beside a really nice Healey replica and the new owner is a happy guy as well.

    edward ericson


    Those Cobras are awesome. But when there’s 20 of them and only one of us, we win–split the vote.

    Kevin Hux


    That’s a great pic, Roy

    I have a mustang and go to a lot of car shows here in AZ. Always love seeing

    the cobra guys out there. Always wanted to get a yellow cobra kit, maybe

    someday, if I can get a deal as good as I got on my MGTD

    James Cochran


    I am headed to a hot rod / car show in Bartlett, TN this evening. It usually has a couple of Cobras (replica), a dozen classic Mustangs, a couple dozen hot rods of various ages, lots of Chevy’s, Corvettes and Corvairs. Last Thursday there was over 100 cars. I am yet to take my MGTD replica to the weekly event, it would be the only one there. There was a Cord 812 replica a couple weeks ago, I didn’t realize how small they were. The event starts in Cordova, TN and road trips into Bartlett, TN arriving around 7 PM to take over a parking lot of a shopping center that mostly closes at 7 PM. Lot’s of food, booths, and fun. The cops hang around to catch the muscle cars showing off. .

    Rob’s pair of beauties and Larry’s would take first place for sure  as well as everyone in our group .  I hope to enter my replica or my 67 Mustang before the last show the last Thursday in Oct. I may have to wait until April when it starts again.

    The city of Bartlett also has their own car show in a few weeks.


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