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    SoFla MGTD


    MGTD Afficianados-

    I have reduced the asking price on “The Leprechaun” from $4,200 to $2,700 and will entertain reasonable offers.

    Please see prior post for details.


    ford gibson


    I’m interested  in your MGTD. Please send more information on the car and some pictures o f the car.  My name is ford Gibson- email– ford@fgibsonconsulting. I’m located in the Alanta Georgia.

    Mark Hendrickson


    WOW! That was fast!

    edward ericson


    Car’s a bargain. Goin’ price is going up on ebay. Looks like someone paid $8k for a nice VW one.

    Randy Main


    Is this car still available?

    Hugh Coffey


    Is the Leprachaun still for sale? I will PM you with my email address.


    SoFla MGTD


    Hello All-

    As some of you know, I had asked a friend to handle the sale of my father’s nice little MGTD. He assured me he would take good care of it and would work hard to sell it for me. Needless to say, that didn’t happen…and now, “said” friend is moving.

    I saw the leprechaun yesterday and was horrified with what I saw…the roof has completely imploded, the rear tires (which were new a year ago) have split apart and there are weeds growing out of the seat (likely from the rain that has entered the unprotected car.) The #$%^ even left the key in the ignition, so the outer portion of the key has rusted.

    I was too upset to take a photograph, but wonder if anyone knows someone in south Florida who might want to rehab the leprechaun? Warning: the poor car looks like Amy Winehouse. I am heartbroken.

    In any case, if you know of anyone who needs/wants a formerly great MGTD, let me know. Make me an offer. It must leave that horrible house by Sunday, September 11.

    PM me, send me an email at or call me at 954.249.8588.

    All the best-

    PJ Ryan








    Marc Lipsius


    Not to be nasty or condescending, but if you had answered all the responses to your ad, and from me by a phone message to your number and on craigslist too, you might have sold the car before it got destroyed. How much is it worth now and how much effort and expense would it be to restore it in it’s present condition?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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