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    Mark Hendrickson


    Figured I’d post a new topic after reading and viewing MUFFLER.

    I now own two VW Beetles, a ’69 and a ’74. Having replaced the exhaust on these VW’s a few times since the 1960’s, I have experienced a plethora of snapped exhaust studs.

    I recently had this situation with my ’74 Beetle. I was able to grind the stud flat, center punch drill (angle drill fixture) and retap the stud to 8mmx1.25. Same method as the MUFFLER thread.

    However, when I installed the new stud, I used a 8mmx1.25x35mm long snub nut that has a metric hex on one end. I slathered it up with anti-seize and installed it. Easy installation and removal and a hollow, hexed center in case I need to drill it out.

    I buy a lot of hardware from McMaster-Carr ( online. They are like Grainger on steroids. The part number for the studs I used is 91390A149. They were $11.56 for a box of 25.

    I also use 8mmx1.25 copper locking nuts. Brass would be OK too. It’s way easier to get these off leaving the stud intact, than a steel nut that has cooked itself to the stud.

    I have a “hot rodded” VW motor in an engine stand in my garage undergoing some upgrading. It’s exhaust studs in the aftermarket “042” heads have been replaced with these type “studs”.

    edward ericson


    That sounds a lot better than my methods. Experience counts for something, eh?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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