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    Michael Davis


    I put new flex brake lines on my VW based TDR. So, I had to bleed the brakes. Here is method I use. It seems to work best for me.
    First, run the brake adjusters all the way outtight on all four wheels.

    Then instead of the old “pump and hold” on the brake pedal, I crack open theĀ  bleeder and have my assistant slowly push the brake pedal down to the floor and hold it there until I close the bleeder. Then repeat this until pure fluid flows out.

    Repeat on all wheels

    Then readjust the brakes.

    By adjusting the brakes fully to the drums first, it takes all the “slack” out of the system, making all the pressure go out the bleeder valve.

    And by not doing the pump and hold method, the fluid doesnt squirt out with such force that causes difficulty in determining if there is still air in the fluid.

    Just my method, your mileage may vary.

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    edward ericson


    That’s a good tip. I’ll try that this year.

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