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need door handle for fiber-fab

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    I need a exterior door handle for my fiber fab MGTD…the darn thing fell off on the freeway…I recovered it but it is trashed…:-(

    does anybody have one for sale….or know a place or website I can get one?

    Thanks in advance..





    Larry Murphy


     HI TERRY, Welcome to the forum. Look in the GENERAL DISCUSSION section for MG MAGIC PROMO contact info. They will likely have the door handle. Bran Anderson there knows his kit cars and will fix you up. Hope this helps.



    will do thanks Larry



    Dan Rosa


     Terry ; I know this is a long ago post but i just found a set of handles they are the same as up grade screen door handles i just put a set on mine , perfict fit and look good and you can get them in chrome .         &nbsp ; Dan R



    If you google the term “cab lock” I think you will find the parts you are looking for. I was able to locate a new door latch for one og my Fiberfab cars that way.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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