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    Joe Hinojosa


    New to the group, so I don’t know if this is the correct place to post. Thanks. I picked up a Fiberfab that needs restoration. It runs (barely). First thing it needs is a throttle cable replacement. My buddy gave me one he bought but has the incorrect end for the pedal part. So I pulled the existing cable and it is maybe 12-14 inches shorter. I thought that these kits were placed on a stock pan/running gear. I looked up a ’70 beetle cable and it’s length shows to be longer than my old cable. Will I need to cut it to fit? Anyone replaced one recently that can give me the length of the cable. Thanks, Joe.



    Hoping a VW owner chimes in here, but when I swapped the engine in my front powered TD, the cable was much longer than needed. I simply added a loop in the cable and routed it with a long arc. Several years and no issues. Too long is a better problem than too short. (Many jokes applicable)

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    Just use the standard VW Beetle cable and cut the excess length at the carburetor.


    Ps. Where are you located?

    Paul Mossberg



    The pedal cluster has been moved back several feet as our TDr seat is essentially where the back seat of an original VW Beetle was. That’s why your throttle cable is too long.

    As was mentioned above, simply use a stock cable, cut to length and use one of these:

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