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    A couple of years ago and a few years previous I started a thread like this and a few of us met along the way north on our yearly cruise to Carlisle.

    I would like to gauge interest in this again this year and include those coming from farther south along the east coast. I understand Lane also has a caravan north but for some of us farther east it is out of the way to meet. I know we lost some regulars that have moved away but there might be new folks looking to cruise up together.

    The timing would be on Thursday with the hope to be at the Carlisle Hotel by 4:00 or earlier give or take. Please post up if you are interested and we will see if it works out. Otherwise I will be going up solo north on Rt 15 on Thursday afternoon. That route is a nice relaxed drive if anyone wants to join.

    This was posted on the Speedster site by me and should have been here as well for those interested in joining. I was thinking like those from the south like Jack and Royal – I have not heard if they are coming this year. You can also meet me at my house Thursday morning and head up. I have a few interested parties planning on meeting us at the place below. Please post up!

    OK Guys

    I am thinking meeting around 12:00- 12:30 on Thursday just off of Rt 15 in Frederick MD.

    It is possible we used this same meeting point a few years back. Let me know if this works for everyone – I can adjust timing if needed.

    We can continue 15 north and at some point it jogs off on a couple of small roads for a bit and joins 81 just south of Shippensburg PA and the hotel.

    Glory Days Grill 1305 W 7th St

    Frederick MD 21702



    Last call!

    Leaving in the morning so if you want to meet please PM me or text if you have my number.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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