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     Does anyone have or know where to get a set of overriders for less than the MG Magic price of $50 per piece?



    Hi Geoff
    Last time i looked (last week), Moss Motors were cheaper. You will need the rubber spacers too.



    Copied and pasted from another thread – I don’t know how to link to the frame for it:

    >>>I just talked to Rob at Sports Car Parts, Ltd., in Knoxville Tennessee.  He’s a Moss Motors distributor who also sells on eBay at:  http://stores.ebay.com/sportscarpartsltd

    I called him about bumper parts, and ended up getting a great deal on complete bumpers, front and rear, four over-riders including trim kit, the spring-steel backing plates and spacers, and and the “S-shaped” bumper brackets — for $600 if I pick them up and pay TN sales tax (he’s only 20 miles away, so I can’t escape sales tax).  This is much cheaper than MG Magic, who sells the parts separately.  Or, cheaper than Moss, as far as that goes…
    For larger parts like these, the tax about equals shipping cost for me, so that’s a wash.  
    He mentioned ordering from Moss, and we went on to discuss the fact that he’s a distributor (not just a retailer, because of over $100k volume of sales annually).  To give an idea of pricing, he quoted me $15 each for the same fender-mount convex mirrors that Moss sells for $18.95 each:
    So, in addition to his eBay store, you may want to visit his website at http://www.sportscarpartsltd.com/  or give him a  call at 865-659-4386. He’ll give better pricing without eBay and PayPal fees. His business is growing and he’s in the process of moving to another location in Knoxville now, where he’ll also be parting out used British cars (primarily MG-Bs and Midgets)..  He just bought 8 cars yesterday, he said…

    Just passing this on as another parts source…

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    Thanks Dan and Kent!

    Paul Mossberg


    That’s a great lead Kent!


    Let’s us know about the parts when you receive them!

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