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    William Toppa


    I need help converting a pinto based replica to wire wheels.

    Dan Rosa


      Bill welcome to our site   look   on ebay there a few companies selling complete wheel sets and not a bad price . for knock off wheels with the adaptors..I don’t remember the company name   look under<>good luck  Dan

    Larry Murphy


     Hi and welcome to the forum.    Click the photo gallery icon at the top right of this page,a list of names will come up,  click on SARGE, he has a Ford based car with wire wheels that I think came from MG Magic. The pictures at the bottom of the page show the car and also a close up shot of one of the wheels. Click on the links page, at the lower left for MG Magic’s phone number.Brad Anderson there is very knowledgeable about TD Replicas and I think these are the most reasonable wire wheels that are available.

    Mark Hendrickson


    The FoMoCo 4 lug wheels are 4 x 4.25″ bolt pattern and use a 1/2″ x 20 thread stud.

    Pay close attention to backspace and width. If they aren’t right, you’ll have tires rubbing fenders and frame rails.

    Although they look really cool…Keep in mind that wire wheels are VERY pricey, a PITA to keep clean, warp and get out of round easily and some require using a tube in the tire. (Just my 2 cents).


    Mel Zeiger


    I just changed over the the wire wheels from MG Magic.  They look good and no clearance issues.  They use lug nuts, so no lead hammer to carry around.

    I had looked at a set that used an adapter and real knock offs but the adapter does add depth and can cause issues.  Decided to take the easier route.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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