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    Frank Kuhn


    I have two sets of assembly/wiring manuals, (old & new) that I down loaded, I am wondering if there are any other wiring diagrams for the MIGI out there? My TD uses the older (the wires are not color coded is in the newer manual) manual. Any help? 



    where can I download the wire diagram?



    I just started the resurrection process on a MIGI with a fried wiring harness.  I, too, would like to know where to get a wiring diagram.  Maybe also a complete wiring harness. 


    Mark Hendrickson


    Have either of you considered buying a pre-made, aftermarket wiring harness? They are available for all sorts of applications with multiple circuit quantities too.

    Some of the manufacturers are Painless Wiring, Centech, Ron Francis.

    These kits make life easy and are worth the $$ savings in just headache prevention.



    Thanks for the input, Pink. 

    Another source for a harness is American Auto / Marine Wiring,  They have a harness specifically for the MIGI, as well as for a number of other TD replicas and kit cars.  I may eventually buy a complete harness, but first I would like to assess how much of the old wiring is bad.  I’d also like to figure out what caused the original damage — which happened before I got the car — so that I don’t fry some more wiring. 

    By the way, I scored a MIGI assembly manual last night on e-Bay.  I’m hoping it will provide what I need. 

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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