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    Limping in, but we’re home.  I flew into Seattle and took the shuttle bus up to Port Townsend, Washington and met my little girl on a gray and rainy day May 11.  I didn’t get more than an hour or so out of town the next day when after a stop, she wouldn’t start back up.  The shop I had her checked out came out and ended up replacing the voltage regulator.

    We hung out in Seattle for a few days, then joined a group from the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Honda S2000 Club or America ( for an afternoon drive, top down, along part of the Olympic Peninsula and the scenic Hood Canal.

    From there I worked my way down I-5 into Oregon where I got to visit with friends in The Dalles and Hillsboro before the long drive to Yuba City. Along the way starting in Oregon, she developed an oil leak and was spewing oil out the rear at about a quart every 500 miles.  I also found out that I couldn’t drive at freeway speeds with the top down.  There’s just too much wind whipping.  So I put the top up, just in time for the rain.  My wipers lasted most of the day, but quit before I stopped for the night.  That can of RainX came in handy.

    I got to visit an retired uncle who restores older cars.  One day we took his 1950’s award winning pick up truck to pick up fresh strawberries.

    But I barely to to the next town a few hours down Hwy 99 to Exeter, when she died on me at about 4;30 p.m..  No battery, so to the shop we were towed the next morning.  Got charged up and topped off with oil, and made it down 99 to I-5 again, almost to Los Angeles when she started losing power and running rough.  I pulled off for some fuel when she stopped dead in the middle of rush hour traffic.

    Some friendly guys helped me push her across the lanes to a gas station where I waited for another tow.  Now, consider that it is about 5:00 p.m. on a Friday night, I had her towed to my friends place where I was planning to stay one night.  Few repair shops will be open on Sat, but we find one that is open til noon and get her towed again that morning.  They can’t get to everything, but tell me the voltage regulator is bad and that the carburetor is shot and needs to be replaced, and that the valves are tight.

    By now, Monday she’s ready, but I take the advice to spend the night and make the journey to Phoenix in the daytime.

    Exactly 49.5 miles from my house, somewhere west of Phoenix, she backfires on me and the engine stops running.  I use one of my remaining 100 miles tows from AAA to get home where she sits, back end still covered in oil.

    But she started up the next day.  I’ll wait for next week, after the holiday, to take her in.  She spills gas on every fill-up, and I can’t pump at normal speed, only extremely slowly. Radio doesn’t work, but the engine is so loud, I don’t think I could hear any music.

    How can I get her to handle the curves better?

    Larry Murphy


     WOW!!! i KNEW IT WAS GOING TO BE AN ADVENTURE!! That’s a great story and one you will remember for a long time. Now that it’s home,you will have much less trouble getting the bugs out.

     Be sure that the oil leak is not coming from the valve covers or push rod tubes before you tear into the engine.

     The London Roadster gas filler is a very poor design. I’ve been filling slow since 1994. Put the nozzle into the filler pipe pointed in the same direction as the pipe as that helps to avoid the back flow.

     Check the suspension posts here on the forum for ways to improve the handling.

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