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    Rich Bellefeuille



    This may have been covered before, but technology is changing so fast that I want current input.

    I love my car, hate my sound system. It’s a cheap aftermarket with a separate Jensen Amp (only one channel works). Anyway, I’m looking for advice on a very good relatively inexpensive set up. That includes receiver, amp, speakers and speaker locations. The speakers in it now (also junk) are mounted left and right leg compartment and 2 more in the Seat risers facing forward. Not a good configuration if you actually want to listen to music while the car is in motion  I also have about 10000 songs on my iPod, so I would like to have a set up with a connection for that as well. If I have to save pennies for a while to get what I want, I’ll do that too.

    I like Ringo’s speaker set up behind the seats facing front.

    Anyway, any input, advice, experience, opinions appreciated.

    Enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend!


    Steve Crites


    Hello Rich;

    I’ve never owned a car that wasn’t more fun to drive when it had a good sound system.  I knew that a roadster would lose sound at speed but I still wanted good sound when cruising back roads.  An expensive system would be a waste and there is the issue of room.

    My solution was pretty easy since I have the storage hatch in back, but I still would have put the main speakers in the back. 

    I had a gift card, so I got a Mid price head unit at Walmart with the IPod and USB at 52 watts/channel. I also got mid price speakers there.  When I replaced units in my other enclosed cars/trucks, I always buy from  I’ve always gotten great stuff at fair prices with fantastic service from them.

    I didn’t want to drill more holes in the body, so I made a bracket and used left over surround sound speakers to mount on the tranny hump.  It uses velcro to hold to the carpet and hasn’t moved a bit. 

    This gave me a good stereo image, but the sound was washed out at anything over 10 mph.  It just didn’t have any bass.  I didn’t want rattle the windows bass, just enough to fill out the sound.  With space as an issue, I went hunting and found my perfect solution.  A powered sub woofer that is less than 3 inches high by 11 inch by 9 inch. er/dp/B000OSZA44/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1243265243&s r=8-1

    While small, it is perfect for the Duchess.  It fills in all the lows and gives a little “thump” even at the middle settings.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE!  I don’t have to crank the sound up too high to get full sound at speeds up to 35-45 mph.  It lets the other speakers coast along at lower settings so the distortion is gone.  Of course I could wind it up higher at highway speeds but it will still sound muddy.  I don’t care, at highway speeds I listen to the wind!  It has more than enough power for our purposes.

    If I didn’t have my hatch, I would probably still mount the speakers in the back panel with some enclosure on the back side of them to reinforce the sound and to protect from the elements.  If I had room under the seat, I’d have put the sub under the seats.

    At any rate, I am ecstatic at how good the system turned out with what is considered a “cheap system”.

    Again, be sure to check out


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    Rich Bellefeuille



    Somehow I knew you’d come through. I have to have a good sound system. Believe it or not, all my home stuff is fully restored tube amp driven. The sound is awesome. I know I have to go solid state, and I really appreciate your input. Definitely good stuff!






       I agree with Ringo, a SubWoofer will make all of the difference! Nice set up Ringo!

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